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Sonos Wireless Audio System Installation

Wireless Speakers for Multi-Room Audio

Sonos is the ultimate smart wireless speaker system for your home. With wireless speakers installed in every room, you can play and control your digital music collection across all the rooms of our home, from any device you want.  Music plays perfectly synchronised in every room – hearing is believing.

Are you planning to get a Sonos System installed? Looking for a multi room sound system and don’t know where to start?

Digital music, from a touch of a finger

JNB Tech can install a Sonos Home Stereo System into your home, custom designed for your individual rooms, ensuring that you will get the most from your system.  You will be able to access all of your music from your computer, tablet or phone.

Complete control of your home sound system across every room from any device or tablet is now a reality thanks to Sonos. JNB Tech are experts in Sonos Installations

Hifi Sound from your TV

Playbar is the Sonos Soundbar, and by installing it you can extend the Sonos sound system to your television – and even control it with your regular TV remote control.

Take Control of  your Sonos System with JNB Tech

So what are you waiting for? JNB Tech are experts in designing and installing Sonos installations for all types of homes, houses and apartments?

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We contacted JNB to carry out supply and fit of a Sonos system to our Manchester showroom. The work was carried out without issue and everything was done that was asked of them. We will definitely use again and recommend. 5-star

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