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Data Network Installation

Data: It’s everything. It’s photos and films, it’s music, it’s gaming, it’s business, it’s communications, it’s all we touch, everything we do, everywhere we go. The lifeblood of modern business, modern leisure, modern living.

But unless your data is accessible, is reliable and is fast… you’re missing out. With life revolving around data transfer we all rely on rock solid network installations to keep the data flowing like it needs to.

Don’t take chance with your data network installation.

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The days of having to thread your home, office or workplace with miles of data cabling just to be able to plug your computer into the internet are well and truly over. The world’s gone wifi. Pick up a laptop or tablet and take a stroll. Sit in the garden and surf. Play, post, Facetime, follow and friend from pretty much anywhere. Anywhere with available, reliable and fast data access. Which of course in this day and age is everywhere.

Isn’t it?

Well… no.

Sure wifi’s flexible. Convenient, yes. Significantly faster than it use to be too. More reliable as well. Bet your mortgage reliable though? No. Not always.

If your health, wealth or happiness relies on data then do what the pros do – cable in.

Network installation

With the ubiquity of wifi most people are surprised how much network installation we do, how much data cabling. Audiophiles aren’t. Not home cinema fans. Or serious gamers. Or offices, clubs, bars, hotels, healthcare trusts, local authorities and schools. Domestic and commercial network installation for anyone who relies on fast, consistent data – where performance is a must.

The Anatomy of a Great Network Installation

For convenience sake would likely include an element of wifi connectivity. Certainly some Cat 5e or Cat 6 ethernet cabling; did you know that Cat 6 with data transfer rates of up to 1,000Mbps is 10 times as fast as Cat 5 and internal separator that isolates the pairs of cabling?

And we might use fibre optic (immune to electrical interference) for higher integrity and longer distances.

Make no mistake though, just because you use top dollar kit doesn’t guarantee top dollar performance. For a start your system spec needs to be spot on, your mapping, your design too and all the time it’s important to remember that whatever you do, your data transfer will only be as fast as the slowest part of your system.

That’s why so many people turn to us. Domestic and commercial clients – all across Manchester and the North West. Because we know what we’re doing.

Data By Design

Working closely with business owners, facilities managers, project managers and I.T. departments, not only do we plan for success, we plan for the future too. Top quality, long lasting data network Installations, cabling and home networks.

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Fantastic service from JNB Aerials. The installation of home entertainment went very smoothly. They are super professional. I highly recommend them! 5-star Mary Davidson