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Home Wifi Network Installation

Chances are you already have a wifi at home. Most people have some form of home network installation these days and with Super Fast Broadband becoming more common so are the opportunities to really make the most of all that lovely connectivity – online gaming, Netflix fun, Spotify streaming, VOIP, device sharing…you name it.

The Internet of Things

A wireless network also leaves you ‘untethered’, free to move about your home permanently connected. How convenient is that? No ethernet cabling and connections to tie you down. And with the rapid evolution of ‘the internet of things’ meaning that a great deal of general electrical equipment, from fridges to central heating systems to garage doors are also wireless there are almost endless practical applications through a wifi network.

Bring Your Own Device

Which bring us onto BYOD – bring your own device. Smartphones, laptops, tablets. Your home wifi network installation allows anyone on any device to connect and carry on. Easy for you and your family, easy for your guests too.

And then there’s the VOIP benefits should you want to make calls using the internet – Skype, Whatsapp, Viber all instantly accessible. Cheap too, as well as super convenient.

Professional Home Wifi Network Installation

But while wifi connectivity is bursting with potential (grindingly slow downloads, cut-outs and video hangs largely a thing of the past), it isn’t perfect, and to get the most from your system it’s important that your home wifi network installation is both properly specified and properly fitted. After all, what’s the point in spending hard earned money only to find that your home cinema connection is letting you down, that your home office is out of range, or that there’s insufficient bandwidth for the whole family?

Slower than wired networks, wireless networks can also be complicated to set up and suffer interference from other devices. They also need your security to be properly configured. That’s why it’s always best to talk with a proven provider for guidance on your ideal set up.

Expert Advice

No two installations are ever the same. Connectivity speeds differ from network to network, area to area, home layouts differ too, as do the ways that people want to use their home networks. Expert advice is essential.

And while there’s no shortage of companies out there claiming expertise it’s always best to take a recommendation or referral, to look at case studies or similar installations to yours.

With dozens of installations under our belt all across Greater Manchester and the North West there’s every possibility that we’ve already completed a project similar to yours. We’d be delighted to share that experience.

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