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Commercial Wifi Network Installation

Commercial-Grade Wifi for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and all kinds of businesses

Food, water, shelter, clothing… internet access – the new survival essentials. After all, who these days doesn’t expect wifi when you go to a shop, stay at a hotel or visit a restaurant? And if you’re a shop, hotel or restaurant and you’re not providing wifi then you’re missing a trick. Missing a trick in more ways than one.

Business Wifi – a Common Courtesy

For a start free most people would now go as far as to see free wifi a nothing less than a common courtesy. And often people will go specifically to a cafe or bar just to use the commercial wifi there. Just take a look around you next time you’re in Starbucks or your local coffee shop and admire the gaggles or aspiring novelists, the lean startup brainstorms, or conscientious students doing their homework for a glimpse of the importance of the connectivity.

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The Many Marketing Opportunities of Commercial Wifi

And when people do connect – it’s an opportunity. Many restaurant wifi sign-ins request that in exchange for free internet access your customer gives you an email address, or a retweet, a review, a Facebook like perhaps. Very smart marketing opportunities abound. In a world increasingly revolving around social shares, citations and recommendation the importance of genuine customer engagement can’t be overstressed. In fact recently reported that hotel guests would rather have free hotel Wifi than a free breakfast!

And of course there are the benefits to you as an organisation on a purely admin or productivity level. Business wifi that allows you to use tablets to share product information, check stock, take orders or even help customers make credit applications. The range of service possibilities is almost limitless. Your back office benefits too, wifi enabling easy, convenient communications with suppliers, marketing partners and the rest.

Business Class Wifi Deserves Business Class Support

Appreciating that business wifi is a competitive advantage is one thing. Putting it in place so that it works properly, reliably and where you want it is another matter altogether. You’ll also want to be sure that any commercial wifi installation makes financial sense too. New sales and marketing opportunities are great but only if you’re not paying through the nose for them.

Expert Advice

You’re unique. Connectivity speeds differ across networks, areas and business premises differ vastly as does the legacy equipment that you may want to integrate into a new business wifi.
If you’re only going to take one piece of advice on your new set up, let it be this.

Take advice.

We’ll point out the possibilities, the pitfalls, everything you need to know about how best to use Wifi for your business.

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