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TV Wall Mounting

Need your TV wall mounting?

Flat screen TV’s have dramatically reduced in price over the past few years, and now have become the preferred choice in most homes. TV wall mounting is perfect for watching your flat screen TV tastefully in your own home.


Wall mounting will not only make your TV look all the more impressive, it will save you a surprising amount of floor space at the same time.

JNB Tech provide a professional, affordable TV wall mounting service that is second to none. We always consider a few key few factors to make sure that your TV is wall mounted in the optimum position:

1. Wall Type

Is the wall solid brick, or a wooden wall perhaps? How we approach wall mounting your TV will depend upon the material your wall is made from, and whether it is suitable for supporting your television.

2. Bracket Type

Will the screen be flat to the wall? You might need a full motion bracket, or even a motorised bracket? We can help you decide on the best TV wall mounting bracket for your needs. If you have bought a TV bracket already, we can help to make sure it’s installed solidly and securely.

3. Hiding Cables or Using Trunking

Once your TV has been securely wall mounted, we can install cable management trunking to tidy up unsightly cables – or even conceal them behind the wall for you.

4. Power Sockets

We can install extra power points that you may need, plus supply and conceal HDMI cables, music and home cinema cables too.

Looking for a custom installation? We can even countersink you TV into your wall for a truly minimalist finish. We understand that you need to be confident that, once wall mounted, your TV will be safe and secure.

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