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Commercial Data Network Installation

Business these days is all about data. It’s a data economy and the success or failure of our businesses relies on instant access to the data we need. Decision-making data. Business building date. The right data. Secure data. Anytime, anywhere access data. Mission critical data stored safely, and stored securely.

And the way our data flows into, out of and through our businesses is on our networks. Our commercial networks are the backbones of our businesses. That’s what makes the necessity of a high-quality business network a given and the quality of your commercial network installation such an important service.

Because the benefits are many:

  • Resource sharing – Access shared scanners, printers and screens through your network
  • File sharing – real time file sharing and version control
  • Video conferencing – real time communications with anyone, anywhere. Great for internal and client meetings.
  • VOIP – massive cost savings and massive efficiencies through internet enables telecoms.
  • Multimedia – video and production on tap.
  • Backups and security – systems configured to store data automatically and regularly.

Get it right and all’s well. Business runs smoothly. The work gets done. The money gets made.

Get it wrong and the efficiency, the effectiveness, the very survival of your business can be threatened.

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Don’t Take Risks – Always use a Proven Commercial Network Installation Partner

When it comes to commercial network installation, it’s important to turn to experts. To use installation teams with the ability to get the job done right, first time, everytime. An installer experienced at facing the installation challenges, familiar with the complications, expert in overcoming them. Not electricians. Not part-timers. A team who will already have answered the important technical questions before they’re even asked.

Matters such as what sort of cabling to use. Cat 5? Cat 5e? Cat 6? Fibre optic? How long do cable runs need to be? How should your Wifi be configured? Media converts? Routers? Boosters?

Questions of cost, performance, reliability, speed and security.

Questions too of effective physical installation – where and how best to run clean, discreet cabling without causing interference to data or to your premises. Questions of connection and interface.

The kinds of commercial network installation questions that we answer each and every day for commercial clients just like you. Not just in Manchester but across the whole of the North West.

Questions less of whether we can help in your commercial network installation, more a question of how.

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