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Fibre Optic Home Network Cabling Installation

Let there be light! Did you know that instead of electricity fibre optic cable users light to transmit signals? And why not? The speed of light – as good as it gets, means that fibre optic is your way of future proofing your multimedia network. A fibre optic home network installation with more than enough muscle to run even the most demanding audio, video and data access. The ultimate in multimedia networking.

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Fibre Optics for a new Home?

So if you’re building a new home, are renovating or are looking at upgrading your home network then take a good hard look at a fibre optic home network installation. The last thing you want is to crush your network with too many bandwidth hungry devices trying to access the internet at the same time and killing speeds for each other.

Two points here.

One – the massive increase in net-enabled technology meaning increasing competition for bandwidth. This competition will only keep on growing as the ‘internet of things’ evolves.

And two – with the ISPs continually boosting speeds you want to be sure that your system has the ability to speed up too. And there’s no doubt about it, people are happy to pay for higher internet speeds. It’s just that as soon as that speed hits their home it chokes on legacy home networking. Fibre optic home network installation offers an elegant and wickedly fast way of sidestepping the issue.

The Plastic Optical Fiber Option

Plastic Optical Fiber, or Polymer Optical Fibre, (POF), is relatively inexpensive (especially when compared to Glass Optical Fibre). It can also be bent and manipulated for easy network installation. Though limited to speeds up to 10 Gbps and not as “future-proof” as glass fiber it’s fair to say that certainly in the near to middle distance, and certainly in the context of a home network, it will more than cope with everything you can throw at it.

Optical fiber can be run over much longer distances (signals have been transmitted as far as 5,000 miles before they had to be processed) than Cat 5e and Cat 6. Copper Ethernet wires are limited to about 100m length unaided. Additionally, fiber is far less susceptible to interference than copper meaning you run it through the same ducts as mains cables. Besides installing it along electrical cabling, the cable can easily be installed under carpets or behind skirting boards.

Easy POF Installation

The best home network is one using all the advantages of a POF backbone combined with the convenience and ease of installation of WiFi accessible through point strategically placed throughout the home.

One other thing to consider is that all your network devices are optically enabled. A challenge quickly and easily overcome by using media converters on devices connected to your optical network.

The kind of POF installation and conversion that we do for countless clients all across Manchester and the North West.

JNB – experts in fibre optic home network installation, Manchester based and independent.

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