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Fibre Optic Commercial Network Cabling Installation

Are you looking to take advantage of ever increasing ISP data transfer speeds by installing a fibre optic network for your business? There are certainly plenty of good reasons to at least explore the many benefits of fibre optic installation.

Let’s take an overview of just a few:

Increased bandwidth – As standard you’ll get bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps and more. Compare that to a maximum 10 GBps using copper Cat 6. And what does more bandwidth mean? More information transfer. Better fidelity transfer too.

Longer, faster cable runs – High signal integrity means data can move faster and over longer distances. Light signals that suffer next to no signal loss. Unlike the 100 limit of unshielded twisted pair copper, fibre distances rely on cable style , wavelength and network – from 550 meters at 10-Gbps multimode to 40 kilometers for single-mode cable.

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Improved security – Because fibre doesn’t radiate signals it’s tough to tap. And if you are tapped like leakage and performance fails will let you’ll know about it rapidly.

Improved signal integrity – As well as being immune to electrometric and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), crosstalk, and impedance problems, fibre is also less susceptible to external influences such as temperature and environment.

Thin, lightweight, easy to handle and durable with a pulling specification up to 10 times greater than copper cable.

Compatible – Low cost media converters make copper to fibre migration much easier. meaning that fibre can be integrated into network upgrades.

Fibre optic splicing and termination – though more difficult to splice and terminate than copper, new fibre optic splicing and terminating tools make field connections quick and easy to complete.

Cost – The cost of fibre is dropping every day. From cable and components to the price of specialist hardware the cost is heading in only one direction – down. It’s also cheaper to maintain than copper cabling so over the long run can offer great value for money

The costs of installation is also becoming increasingly attractive with innovations in termination technology and fibre optic splicing both improving installation quality and reducing the cost of fibre installation.

Hit Your Network Hard?

Video conferencing? VOIP? Multimedia? EPOS? Big data transfers? If you need a system to do some heavy data lifting then a fibre optic could well be the way to go.

And if you’ve already decided to press the fibre optic button then of course you will want your network installed as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

Don’t take chances with your fibre optic installation.

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