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Automated Scene Lighting Installation

Setting the mood within your home is done best when you can integrate both your audio and lighting, setting them to create the perfect ambiance for your needs.

The perfect blending of light and sound can change the atmosphere of any room, so getting the right balance for a dinner party or a romantic night in gives you an extra level of control to your home.

Along with setting the mood an integrated lighting and sound system will also make your every day even simpler as you can control all the lights at the touch of a single button; turning off the hall lights before leaving for example, so you no longer have to hunt for switches.

Having an integrated lighting and sound control system is the epitome of sophistication and we are here to help you get the most from it. Whether you are looking to have the ability to play different music in different rooms at any given time, or you want to set the scene using a variety of coloured lighting, the possibilities are limitless.

We will meet with you to access you need, giving you an installation plan that works with how you see your home vision. We have many years experience installing integrated audio and lighting controls, conducting the installation in a timely and clean process.

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