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Cat5 Home Network Cabling Installation

Are you looking at the best ways to upgrade your network? An office rewire? Or maybe you’re considering a brand new network – something from scratch. Either way an important consideration will be the cabling.

Of course wireless will factor in your system thinking somewhere along the line but wireless is unlikely to have the capacity capability of cabled networking. Too many limited channels with each device added using those channels until eventually it becomes overcrowded.

Switched networking avoids the same capacity problems, with each device capable of receiving its full bandwidth without an adverse impact other devices on the system.

When is Cat 5 not Cat 5?

For starters you might want to give close consideration to Cat 5e. Cat5e, data cabling for commercial networks is an enhanced version of the now out of date Cat 5, upgraded to address crosstalk or magnetic interference. Both use a twisted pair design with Cat5 cables relying on two pairs of copper wire, Cat5e on four. It’s the most common form of data cabling and for good reason.

Installing cat5e cabling has a number of specific advantages, including:

  • If you already have Cat 5 then that’s fine Cat 5e is backward compatibility with it meaning that you can use Cat5e cables for any application currently using Cat5 cables.
  • Cat 5e data cabling can carry 1 Gigabyte per second.
  • Support for Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet.
  • Enhanced signal-carrying capacity.
  • Rated bandwidth of 100 megahertz, which is an improvement over cat5 cabling.
  • PVC protective jacket, which makes it more durable than cat5 cabling.
  • Cat 5e is better priced compared cat6 cabling.

Will Cat 5e be Sufficient?

Unless you are running huge CAD systems, high bandwidth video or some sort of data centre then chances are Cat 5s will have more than enough capacity to keep the data flowing fast. Suitable for most business environments Cat 5e also offers a far more cost effective alternative to Cat 6

If your business relies on massive data transfer then it’s probably a good idea to take a look at Cat 6 that will handle up to 10 Gb Ethernet at 250 MHz. Or even fibre optic. In all probability Cat 5e will have more than enough umph to transmit all the data you need. Ask yourself, does your internet connection even offer as much as 1 Gb, let alone Cat 6 10b? Unlikely.

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Cat 5 Data Cabling for Commercial Networks

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