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Commercial Network Cabling Installation

As you know, in business you’re only ever as strong as your weakest point. And it’s no secret that when it comes to commercial network installations a lot of IT performance issues, a lot of the weakest points, are down to poor quality cabling and connections. Seems a bit silly to undermine the effectiveness of your network, not to mention the thousands of pounds it costs to fit and support it, all for the lack of proper cabling.

Get it right first time and you can save yourself a whole world of technical grief.

And get it right we do. Data cable installation for offices, schools, hotels and restaurants. In fact anywhere that commercial data cabling is needed.

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Expert Data Network Cabling Installations

Every year we lay thousands of meters of Cat 5, Cat 6, and fibre optic data cabling across Manchester and all over the North West.

Commercial data cabling to support a huge range of Manchester businesses in a huge range mission critical functionality. Networks cabling that allows business to run smoothly and efficiently and to enjoy state of the art:

  • VOIP – save money and improve efficiencies with telecoms that are internet enabled.
  • File sharing – quick, easy access to system files and information.
  • Device sharing – why buy multiple printers or scanners when you can share them between network users
  • Skype and video conferencing – why burn rubber travelling the length and breadth of the country for important meeting when video conferencing allows real time communications?
  • Multimedia – presentations, videos and multimedia data sharing.
  • System safety and data integrity – regular, automatic system backups to protect your business from the worst of worst case scenarios.

Data Cabling – how you Want It. Where you Want It

Working closely alongside project managers and I.T. departments we make absolutely sure that every meter of cable that we install is perfectly specified, perfectly laid and laid exactly where it needs to be, to the quality it needs to be.

Because we’re absolutely meticulous with out site surveys and planning it means that we can be meticulous too with our specifications, cable laying and installations.

Selecting the right terminations, the right cable lengths. Specifying the best shielding, the cutting, crimping, laying cable through ducts, conduits and skirting boards. Everything handled expertly, by our handy experts

Value for Money Network Cable Installation

So don’t misdirect precious I.T. resources (and budget) at laying your own cable. Don’t spend expensive technical budget getting staff to drill and tack when they should be doing something more cost effective. And don’t pay through the nose for a specialist national I.T. or electrical contractor when all the data network cabling expertise you could ever need is right here, right now.

We understand the importance of quality data network installation – that’s why we provide it.

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