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Home Data Network Installation

Thinking of a home network installation? Makes sense. There’s certainly no shortage of great reasons to join the home network installation revolution.

Here are a few of the highlights that you can look forward to:

  • Home entertainment – a lovely bowl of sticky, hot popcorn, a couple of cold cans and a great movie. The perfect recipe for an action packed evening in – especially in the luxury of your own home cinema. Big screen, big sound, big entertainment. Little wonder that network installations are the big thing theses days.
  • Multi-player games – do you game online? The kids? A bit of Fifa action? A soft spot for League of Legends perhaps? Minecraft? World of Warcraft? Millions of people all over the world gaming online. You can too. XBox and Playstation entertainment through your home network.
  • Sharing resources like printers and scanners – Share and save. Access scanners, printers, screens through your network.
  • File sharing – share the love – photos, music and movies too.
  • Secure internet access sharing – data for all. Lashings of lovely internet access for everyone on your home network. Managed access. Secure access. Rapid access.
  • VOIP – You may already use VOIP at work. Now you can use it at home too. Smart, cost saving communications.
  • Security – hand on heart, are you properly backed up? Hmmmm. Automatically save your precious data through your home network. Realtime. Reliable. Safe.

But knowing a home network would be great is one thing; knowing how to best specify that network and as importantly, how best to install it, another matter altogether.

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Home Network Installation Questions

For a start should your network be wifi or should it be cabled in? What kind of wifi? What kind of cabling? Cat 5? Cat 5e? Cat 6? Fibre optic? Routers? Boosters? Questions of cost, performance, reliability, speed and security all come into play.

Questions that our many clients all across Manchester and the North West ask us every day. Questions that we’re delighted to answer.

More than simply home network installation specialists our job starts as advisers. We’re all about sharing the latest information on the latest and greatest network products – helping to guide you through the confusion and complexities. Advice on cabling, connectivity and even advice on home cinema and audio products – standards, specifications and of course all the information on our latest deals and offers.

Expert advice to help you get the best possible use and the best possible value from your home network installation.

There’s no two ways about it – any home network is a commitment, it’s an investment. When the last thing you want to do is avoid buying a system that disappoints, the first thing you want to is talk to the specialists.

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Straight from the outset Joel (the installation engineer) was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I would certainly use this company again and would have no hesitation in recommending the company. 5-star James Davies