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TV, Home Cinema & Lighting Installation

Have you considered how long you spend watching your favourite TV shows or films?

Visual technology such as flat screen TV’s or home cinemas are now an integral part of our lifestyles, so making sure that they are installed correctly and all running smoothly is of the uppermost importance.

This is where JNB Tech can help you. Whether you are looking to install a home theatre, incorporate your audio with your video, or finally get that new flat screen TV wall mounted we can make sure this happens in a professional and timely manner.

Home Cinema

A home cinema system is the ultimate immersive experience for your home, allowing you to take your movie viewing to the next level. JNB Tech can offer a choice of Home Cinema systems that will blend into your home & even the best Home Cinema lighting options, allowing you to really enjoy the movie. Sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy.

Home Theatre

A Home Theatre System is the next step in home cinema.  There are various different components and we will be able to guide you through to help you get the best setup. Flat screen v wall mounted? Configuration? With JNB Aerials at your site, you don’t have to worry – we’ll be in and out in a flash, leaving you to do nothing more than enjoy the movie.

Bathroom TV Installations

Yes, you read that correctly. A waterproof TV installed in a bathroom is becoming one of our most popular installations.  You definitely need an expert for this, and it’s one of our favourite jobs. Once you’ve got a TV Screen fitted in your Shower or Bath, you won’t know how you lived without it,

Wall Mounting Flat Screens

Flat screen TV’s have made their way into most of our homes over the last few years.  To really take advantage of the new design, having your TV attached the wall will save space and make your TV part of the room. Our Flat Screen Wall Mounting service is quick and efficient – we can usually get the job done in a couple of hours and transform a room. We will work with you and your family needs to make sure that you not only get the perfect installation but to ensure that your visual quality is of the highest level.

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After being highly recommended from a friend, JNB Aerials did not disappoint. I wanted a home visit for my parents satellite poor picture on BT SPORTS as sky channels were ok, after a mix-up of dates...Joe came out and sorted out the dish which was out of line. And checked everything out and charged a fair price for sorting it out.....all this was done from oxford were I live the end of the day you need to trust people who go's to my elderly parents in longsight ..........I WOULD GIVE 10 OUT OF TEN STARS...........Thank You........ Highly recommend. 5-star

John Maguire