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Cat6 Home Network Cabling Installation

The differences between Cat 5/Cat 5a, and Cat 6 data cabling for home networks? Not many, truth be told.

Both are excellent for those data transfer jobs that need ‘heavy lifting’. The home cinema stuff, the online gaming the media streaming and VOIP calls

With data transfer rates of up to 1,000Mbps (10 times faster than Cat5), Cat 6 at face value would appear to offer a higher performance option. And whilst Cat6 has an edge over cat5 as it offers more speed, usually in Gb/s you have to ask yourself – do you actually use these kinds of speeds? Is there a service provider that even offers speeds up to Gbs? Whatsmore, your router has to be able to handle these kinds of blistering data transfer rates too.

Relevant numbers for data centres, medical or financial providers relying on Gigabit ethernet, what kind of home user would ever benefit?

You perhaps?

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The Benefits of Cat 6

Cat 6 has slightly better shielding from potential interference, superior transmission abilities and an internal separator that isolates pairs from one another to prevent crosstalk compared to Cat 5e. So in principle there would be fewer network I/O errors with Cat 6 but at 20% – 30% more expensive than Cat 5e you have to wonder whether that marginal potential benefit is worth a less than marginal increase in spend.

Like more information? Wondering what you best cabling option would be? Which would assure you the most reliability, the best performance? Whether you’d best go for a Cat 5 or Cat 6 installation?

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The Best Way to Install Your Home Network Cat 6 Cabling?

Simple answer. It depends. Basically on two important things.

One, your home layout and what you want to achieve with your network, how and where in your home you want to access it. Of course planning and mapping out the most effective system takes thought. It needs experience too.

Secondly, the success of your installation depends on the team you bring in to do it. Many talk a good installation game, few can truly deliver. Be sure that your Cat 6 installers know what they’re talking about – talk to them. Ask them to justify Cat 6 over Cat 5s. Ask them their opinions on interference, on how best to route your network and most importantly of all ask them to visit your home so that they can do a proper site inspection.

Questions? Advice?

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